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Here Are The Top Three Marketing Trends On YouTube For 2019:

Around 3.5 billion people use social media every day, so you can be sure that your audience is there sharing their opinions and asking questions. It’s also a common approach for customers to contact companies with questions or concerns.

These days, personal interactions between customers and companies are more common than ever before, and social media is a major conduit for these conversations to take place.

YouTube advertising and channels are becoming increasingly popular ways for businesses to communicate with their target demographics, and this has led to a boom in video marketing. More than 1.9 billion unique monthly users are enrolled into the platform, and that number is only expected to grow as the service’s popularity does.

1. A Live Stream on YouTube

The popularity of live streaming has skyrocketed in recent years. Live events are considerably more exciting than recordings from the past, which is why Facebook found that people are three times more likely to watch a live stream on the site than a conventional video. People are more interested in current events because they can watch things unfold in real time.

YouTubers now have a dedicated live streaming platform in YouTube Live, allowing them to broadcast to an engaged, real-time audience. Live video has been shown to increase viewer engagement and traffic to your channel by a factor of eight compared to conventional video.

2. Full-circle video

The use of 360-degree video is the second YouTube marketing trend I’d like to discuss. Who doesn’t like a new perspective or deeper immersion in familiar material? Users may control the viewpoint of a 360-degree movie by clicking and dragging the video window. Users may drag and drop material about the screen while the movie keeps playing in the background.

360-degree films let viewers experience virtual reality from the comfort of their own home, on any device. With this function, companies may present more comprehensive views of their operations or showcase their wares in novel ways. Visitors may now navigate a brand’s material from whatever angle they like.

3. Detailed tips on how to do a certain task

Have you ever searched for anything on Google and gotten both text and video results, only to choose the video to learn the answer? Users often prefer video tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions or in-depth discussions of potential solutions to their problems while looking for information online.

Google reports that two-thirds of millennials believe that every topic can be covered in an instructional video on YouTube. The massive, ever-increasing mountain of material on the site keeps becoming bigger and bigger. There are as much as 400 hours of video added to its database every minute, with how-to films continuing to be a significant category of viewer interest.

YouTube lessons have been around for a while, with viewers learning anything from how to apply cosmetics to how to replace a tyre to how to cook a beautiful meal. Nonetheless, this strategy has shown to be incredibly effective for companies over the years as they work to raise awareness of their brand and increase sales of their products.

Users may see firsthand how companies can solve their issues and make their lives easier through the medium of how-to videos. With their questions and concerns previously addressed via video, businesses receive fewer customer care complaints.

Concluding Remarks

If you want to increase your company’ conversion and engagement rates, YouTube is a medium you can’t ignore. People love watching videos, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. Using it in your marketing plan will increase your chances of success.

If you’re looking for innovative ways to get people engaged with your content, 360-degree video may be worth exploring. Put YouTube Live to the test and discover how successful live broadcasting can be. Last but not least, make use of tutorials and how-to videos because people prefer this method of acquiring knowledge.

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