Instagram Now Offers More Subscription Options

To that end, we’ve been testing Instagram Subscriptions this year as a way for you to build a more intimate relationship with your audience and generate a steady stream of money on a monthly basis as part of our efforts to help creators make a life on the platform.

With the input that new opportunities to exchange information and develop community will bring even more value to your subscribers and increase your earning potential, we have expanded access to Subscriptions across the United States.

New subscriber-only features, such as in-profile conversations, the ability to publish permanent, invite-only material, and more are being released today.

Subscriber Chats Are Now Available

Traditionally, the value of subscription products has been determined by the quality of the material they provide. However, we aim to provide you with a novel means of fostering a sense of community among your subscriber base, which we feel may also increase your revenue. In order to communicate with your subscribers in the time, share your finest life hacks, or just bring your subscribers together, you can now establish subscriber chats of up to 30 individuals. Messenger-powered subscriber conversations may be initiated from within your email or a story and will close itself after 24 hours, giving you complete control over when and how you interact with your audience.

A “join chat” badge, similar to the subscription sticker we introduced earlier this year, will appear in your story when a subscriber wants to participate in a chat. This sticker may be used in subscriber and ordinary articles alike, allowing subscribers to join the conversation without having to wait for their followers to become subscribers.

The new subscriber tab in your inbox will make it simple to keep track of your conversations with subscribers and quickly respond to them.

Free Videos and Blogs

While features like Live and Exclusive Stories make it easy to engage with subscribers in the here-and-now, we also recognise that content that remains on your profile is a key way to draw in new followers and keep existing ones around. To encourage interaction and repeat visits from your subscribers, we’ve included special material in the form of articles or reels.

Unique Profile Section

We are establishing a dedicated section of your profile for all things Subscriptions so that you can provide immediate value to your subscribers. You can now save the lives of your subscribers, share feed articles and reels with your community, and be certain that they will be able to quickly access your unique material as soon as they subscribe.

The changes we’ve made today are just the beginning of our efforts to enhance Subscriptions’ value to you and your clientele. We’ve also just developed a subscription story sticker and promo reels to help you easily promote your channel to your audience and offer new subscribers a warm welcome.

We have been quietly growing to tens of thousands of artists since the introduction of Subscriptions earlier this year, and we just announced that Meta would not be charging fees on Subscriptions until the end of 2024. In the next months, we want to expand Subscriptions to include many more creators, so stay tuned for more information.

We’re making monetization resources for creators of all stripes to ensure the continued success of the creative economy. New solutions that we’re launching today will help EMEA creators expand their audiences and revenue streams. We’re also keeping our promise to not take a cut of their profits from subscriptions, Facebook Live Badges, and paid online events for another year, until January 1, 2024.

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