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Instagram Story Background Colours: A Simple Tutorial

Using Instagram Stories is a great way to have some lighthearted interaction with your audience and followers. It’s easy to make Instagram Stories your own and effective because to the wide variety of options accessible, including photographs, videos, stickers, and interaction features.

Did you realise, though, that the hue of your Instagram Story’s backdrop is also customizable? If you didn’t realise you could customise the colours of your Instagram Stories to match your brand’s aesthetic, don’t worry; we’ll show you exactly what to do.

How to Quickly Alter the Colour Scheme of Your Instagram Story

If you know how to alter the hue, you may make the backdrop match the foreground photos or use a brand colour. This will assist to unify your Instagram profile, making your brand more recognisable to your fans.

How to Set a Single Colour as the Background

Changing the backdrop of an Instagram Story photo before posting is recommended for a more cohesive overall effect. Here’s how, whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android:

Prepare to write a typical caption and snap a photo of anything you like.

In the top right, you’ll see three dots; tap them to access the menu, and then tap “Draw.”

Select a colour from the palette at the bottom, then tap and hold anywhere on the canvas to apply it.

If the colour you desire isn’t one of the options, tap and hold the colour at the bottom of the palette. The desired colour may then be chosen by swiping your finger over the screen.

You may also use the colour picker tool (represented by a dropper) to select a colour from your photo if that’s where you saw it.

You may change the backdrop colour by pressing and holding anywhere on the image, just like before.

If you want to convey your message with text or stickers but are concerned about how they will look against an image, this is a wonderful solution. It’s a practical alternative if you don’t have any suitable images at hand and aren’t in a very attractive location.

Tutorial: Changing the Shared Post’s Background Colour

To begin, you are aware that any post from your feed may be added to your narrative, right? This is a great strategy for getting more people to interact with your feed posts. These days, most individuals would rather watch a story than read their feed. They quickly scroll through news on their phones and go about their day.

You may increase the likelihood that they will notice your feed post by posting it to your story. Include a hook to get readers to click through to your full explanation. To add a feed post to your article, follow these steps:

To share a post, either from your own feed or someone else’s, choose it and then hit the paper aeroplane icon.

Click “Add to your story.”

You succeeded; congrats!

When you’ve successfully added the feed post to your story, you may alter the hue of the backdrop. Changing the backdrop colour of your Instagram Story is quite similar to doing this.

In the top right, tap the three dots and choose “Draw.”

Pick a colour (and keep in mind that you can adjust the hue by tapping and holding on any of the colours at the bottom or by using the dropper to select a colour from the palette!).

Instagram Stories’ backgrounds may be recolored by pressing and holding the screen for a few seconds.

Once you’ve decided on a suitable backdrop colour, you’re free to add any trimmings you like to your tale. Put up some stickers or a button that says “tap here.” Create enticing copy for your caption that people will want to read. You’re in charge now, so it’s up to you to convince folks to open up your feed post and have a look at it in all its magnificence.

It’s Your Turn Now

To make your Instagram Stories stand out and seem more intriguing, on-brand, and gorgeous, try switching up the backdrop colour.

This is not a waste of time despite appearances; individuals are more likely to pay attention to and interact with appealing content.

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