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How To Confidentially Share Instagram Stories With Your Pals

When writing to loved ones, people tend to let their guard down and be themselves. Given that you have a reputation to uphold, your friends and family may see sillier photos than you would normally share on Instagram.

You can be really authentic on Instagram because of a feature that lets you share tales with only your closest friends. If you haven’t seen this feature yet although Instagram announced it on November 30th, don’t worry; it’s on its way.

Instagram: How to Make a Private Friends List

Make sure that the people on your “close friends” list are genuinely people you consider to be close friends before you start spilling the beans. Select the three horizontal lines symbol in the upper right corner to add someone as a close friend.

Instagram will highlight the folks with whom you have the most in-depth conversations and recommend adding them as close friends. If you want to add a buddy, just tap the green “Add” button.

If you add a really close friend, that individual will not be notified that they have been added. The postings you share with your Close Friends will have a green border to let them know they’re part of your exclusive group.

When you’re done adding your closest friends, you’ll see them in the Close Friends section of your profile. There will be a green Remove button next to that buddy. That’s the kill switch for when you finally get sick of that pal.

Tips for Confidential Instagram Story Sharing

You will follow your standard procedure for making an Instagram story. When you’re finished, it’s time to show it to the world. The Close Friends option may be accessed in two different ways. The green circle labelled “Close Friends” towards the bottom of the screen is where you should press first.

For those times when the more drawn-out route is warranted, selecting “Send to” followed by “Close Friends” will get the job done.

Make sure you’re using the latest version of Instagram if you don’t see the Close Friends option. Even though your programmes normally update themselves, checking for updates is always recommended.


It’s okay to keep some things hidden from everyone but your closest pals once in a while. With the Close Friends option, you can easily share your strange or humorous Instagram Stories with those who, presumably, will still consider themselves your friends after viewing them.

The provided subreddits are a good place to begin, although they may not be quite specific enough. If rock is your main musical preference, you might find r/rockmusic more welcoming than r/music. The sidebars of many subreddits include suggestions for related communities that you may find interesting. You can discover interesting new accounts to follow in this method.

When compared to Facebook and other social media platforms, Reddit is unique. Reddit etiquette exists. If you follow these suggestions, you may have fun on the site without drawing attention to yourself.

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