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Top-Rated Instagram Analytics Applications

What use does analysing Instagram serve?

In case you’re still on the fence about whether or not you need an Instagram analytics tool, here are a few arguments in its favour.

For starters, Instagram has a massive user base. Many individuals will be exposed to your brand’s message, and they may become clients.

Second, because so many people use it and publish so frequently, you may learn about global fashion trends through Instagram. In a world where everything moves so quickly, this real-time glimpse into human nature is invaluable.

Lastly, all this knowledge and data would be wasted if the right technology isn’t used to access and organise it. Logging onto the app itself can only reveal so much information. You can’t get Instagram’s full potential without an analytics tool to help you gather relevant data, sort it appropriately, and show it. In addition, that’s a considerable amount.

1. Insights from Instagram

To get started, you may utilise the in-built analytics.

Instagram’s analytics feature, Insights, is accessible from within the app itself. Although not extremely detailed, it provides a good overview of how well you are doing. You can check how many people have seen your posts recently and how many people have interacted with them, and you can also easily identify your greatest posts by comparing them using a variety of criteria.

Statistics on where your readers are located, what countries they hail from, and even their ages and sex may be obtained. There is also the fundamental data on the times when your followers are most active.

Since it’s free, it’s a good option for those times when you need some fast calculations done. But, it falls short if you need to evaluate results over many time periods.

2. Brandwatch Consumer Research

If you use the social listening product Brandwatch Consumer Research, you may transform it into a robust Instagram analytics solution.

Any postings, not only those containing the hashtags you’ve chosen, may now be monitored and analysed in this way. By utilising the Consumer Research dashboard and its accompanying chart components, you may see emerging tendencies, major influencers, and successful material in your field.

The channels you create on the platform will provide you with in-depth information on your own account, while monitoring the activity of accounts belonging to businesses over which you have no control provides the missing piece. This enables you to quickly and simply compare your results and content with those of your rivals.

You may now learn more about your target market by observing their behaviour on Instagram. In addition, you can see the big picture of how the competition is operating and where your efforts should be concentrated.

3. Quintly

Quintly is a social media dashboard that integrates with a number of different platforms. It has a preconfigured dashboard that you can modify with widgets to display the information that’s most relevant to you.

Your own Instagram followers’ activity may be analysed, as can that of your rivals, with the help of this application. Instagram material, including photo and video views, comments, and interactions, and filter use, may be analysed.

4. Finally, we have #4 SocialBakers.

 Although the free edition allows you to make your own dashboards, it has a rather limited time period and doesn’t let you see as much data as the paid versions.

You may view aggregate data on your account, including the total number of posts and followers, as well as details on your most popular content, hashtags, and accounts tagged in it. See statistics such as exposure, audience, and engagement.

The ability to create custom dashboards is a nice touch, and the user interface is straightforward. It lacks extensive detail but serves well for broad overviews and generalisations.

5. Square-Dig Lovin’

For a free analytics tool, Squarelovin’s level of detail is impressive. Your post history is displayed by year, month, day, and hour, along with data for your most recent posts and your development over time.

Your photo’s average and peak engagement may be viewed in separate pages, while an optimization tab reveals your peak and minimum posting timings.

6. Union Metrics

Union Metrics provides a free monthly account analysis. The report was created with the use of a handful of algorithms found on their premium analytics platform.

The report isn’t perfect, but it accomplishes its job in a few key areas.

The key is to isolate a few metrics and articles and compare them to your average, which will reveal any recurring themes or trends. You may get updated data on how recent posts compare to the overall average once every 24 hours.

7. Iconosquare

For 14 days, you may try out the whole Iconosquare platform without spending a dime. This unlocks the analytics and a few other cool extras.

To get started, you can look at a snapshot of activity over the past week or month, but there is a wide variety of other analysis available as well.

The content’s geolocation, distribution, tags, and filter usage are all displayed on a dedicated tab. History of expansion, engagement’s origin, and the most-liked media are all displayed on the engagement tab.

This concludes the discussion.

Is your social media strategy prepared to evolve based on your Instagram analytics? Get in touch with us if you need some guidance on how to maximise your return on investment with our products.

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