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Tips & Tricks for Instagram’s Most Artistic and Strategic Posts

Whether you’re just getting started with Instagram advertising or you’ve been doing it for years, it never hurts to review some of the fundamentals, especially in a dynamic field like online marketing where both the platforms and the ad alternatives are continually evolving. Particularly, Instagram’s popularity keeps expanding quickly. Hootsuite estimates that 500 million Instagram users check their stories every day, meaning that the app has more than 1 billion monthly users. Your business or theirs stands to gain exponentially as more people sign up for the platform and utilise it often.

So now you know why it’s crucial to always be aware of industry standards and adapt accordingly to maximise the success of your paid advertising efforts.

Here, therefore, are the best practises for Instagram advertisements as of 2023, along with what we can probably anticipate will remain the same or develop further.

Tips for Making Engaging Instagram Ads

No of the format, companies displaying products or services on this visual platform need to be concept-driven and consistent with their brand identity. On the other hand, the style of advertising creative you choose will determine what other best practises you need adhere to for your campaigns to be effective. Instagram ads may be either still images or short videos.

Strategies for Successful Instagram image Ads

Ensure that the photos you use in your Instagram advertising capture the spirit of your business by adhering to your brand rules. This includes utilising consistent colours, typefaces, and logos. Make use of vivid hues to make these graphical elements pop against the app’s predominantly white or black backdrop.

If you’re bringing visitors to a landing page via a CTA button, the graphics you choose should go hand in hand with the ad language and encourage them to take the next logical step. Think about how you want your target audience to feel or what you want them to think if they see this ad when you’re creating the ad content to go along with the visuals you’ve chosen. You may have some descriptors for your brand in mind, but do they match up with what people who see your ad would think?

Whether you’re using a carousel to showcase summer footwear, your top sales, or a narrative progression, it’s important that the photos all relate to one other and the overall subject.

Tips for Successful Instagram Video ads

Instagram users are particularly fond of videos; in fact, 70% of all Instagram users throughout the world visit Instagram Stories every single day. Despite the success of still photographs in Instagram’s numerous ad placements, moving visuals are where it’s at. You can generate effective video ad content with less resources and manpower, as the format is simple and takes little time to consume. Our success has come from leveraging something that most of us already have: our cellphones. Many people feel more connected to and trusting of everyone from local shops to A-list celebrities when they interact with them in this way. Even yet, whether your business is aimed at the high-end consumer market or the business-to-business sector, you may find that producing more polished and produced movies is more in keeping with your brand’s image. Find out what approaches perform best for your business and your marketing objectives through testing.

And most of our customers want to know how lengthy of a film they should make.

The videos you make for the stream should be no more than 60 seconds. Despite the fact that that is the limit, we’ve found that viewers lose interest in a video ad after the first ten seconds, no matter how compelling or informative it may be. Although some viewers will stick around for the duration of the movie, you should make sure they see your company’s logo, product, or service inside the first 10 seconds. Avoid revealing your product at the very end of your film, when it’s too late to entice as many viewers to watch and take action.

Instagram Story videos may only be 15 seconds long, unless they are presented in a carousel. You may choose up to 10 cards with a total of 120 seconds of video content for your Instagram Story video carousel ad.

Methods for Optimizing Instagram Ad Placement

Advertisements may now be placed in the Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, and the Instagram Explore tab. With IGTV’s recent resurrection, it’s possible that an ad placement option may be added there in the future, albeit for now it’s not possible.

Feed and Instagram on Instagram Explore successful strategies

Use effective copy while advertising on Instagram’s Feed and Explore tab. The amount of characters allowed before a post is deemed too long is rather low, therefore it’s important to be succinct. Given that the vast majority of app usage occurs on mobile devices, this is especially true. Ad content should be easy to understand and should work in tandem with the creative.

It’s suggested that you use square (1:1) proportions for your artwork. Better ads on Facebook and Instagram may be created with them.

Best practises for Instagram Stories

It’s OK to utilise automated placements when advertising on Instagram Stories; however, advertisers should make use of the “Edit Placement” function inside the ad level to optimise, resize, or upload a different size creative into the Stories placement.

You can only utilise the polling function in Instagram Stories advertising if you limit the ad’s placement to Instagram Stories. This option will be unavailable at the ad level if extra placements are selected at the ad set level.
Interactive polls in Instagram Stories advertisements are a great method to get your target audience involved with your advertising and into your funnel.

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