Instagram Story: How to Modify the Background Colour

Many Instagram users may not be aware of the many editing tools available for their stories.

Changing the colour of your Instagram Story’s backdrop is one of the most underappreciated of these personalization tools.

An Instagram Story’s backdrop colour can be changed.

Here’s a comprehensive look at how to alter the hue of your Instagram Story backdrop.

Instagram Story: Changing the Background Colour

Altering the hue of an Instagram Story’s backdrop may be accomplished in a few alternative methods.

All of these offer your Instagram Story a new spin, helping it stand out from the crowd.

Having original material is beneficial if you are a creator or company looking to gain attention. The beauty of Instagram Stories is that practically anyone can edit the backdrop colour from the get-go.

You need just familiarise yourself with Instagram Story’s many editing features.

Using two tools together (like the solid colour and rubber tools) opens up a world of possibilities. Try new things and spend some time getting to know Instagram’s many features to find out what works best for you.

Here Are Three Strategies for Altering Your Instagram Story’s Backdrop

Instagram content producers have three primary options for altering the hue of their Stories’ backdrops.

You may do some interesting things with the backdrop colour by using one of the three methods below.

You can make your Instagram Story stand out from the crowd by simply following the procedures outlined in this post and implementing some of the innovative ideas provided.

Selecting a single colour as the backdrop for an Instagram story

This is one of the most popular and straightforward ways to alter the hue of a Story’s backdrop on Instagram.

    It’s also the most convenient way to make highlight covers for Instagram posts, as all you need is a single icon and a solid colour for the backdrop.

    A brand or a specific colour might create a unified Instagram story highlight cover by adding the colour as a solid.

    If you’d prefer a solid hue, here’s how to do it:

    Open Instagram on your Apple or Android device.
    To make a new tale, either press the plus sign (‘+’) or select the story menu.
    You may use the tales function to share a photo from your gallery.
    Now, tap the menu button (three dots) in the upper right corner.
    Select the “draw” menu item to open up a variety of choices.
    The colour selector tool is often located at the bottom of a computer screen.
    Choose a solid colour as your default or use the colour picker by pressing and holding the backdrop until the colour changes.
    The rubber tool can be used in conjunction with this strategy for even better results.

    If you want to pique your audience’s curiosity in clicking, merely disclose a little portion of the image by using the eraser tool to remove the solid colour.

    Adding a Personal Background to Your Instagram Story

    There are others who prefer patterns to backdrop colours.

      This is why Instagram Stories support adding a personalised backdrop. How, then, can you make your own Instagram Story background for your next post?

      It’s easy; just follow the instructions we provide below.

      Start up the Instagram app and sign in.
      Click the “+” button or swipe left from the home screen to access the story maker.
      First, you need upload the background image you wish to use.
      Select the ‘Sticker’ tab, then upload the primary picture you wish to feature.
      Find the ‘+’ sign sticker by continuing to scroll down.
      Click the plus sign (‘+’) to upload a second photo.
      Reduce the size so that the final product fits in the required frame.
      Websites like Canva and Easil might be useful if you’re out of backdrop choices. Both feature a wide variety of free, downloadable graphics that may be used as backdrops and come with no strings attached.

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